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Schedule Losing Data

A couple of weeks ago I set up an event in my calendar to check if my backups are good. I was afraid that if my phone or computer gets broken I might lose data or even access to some accounts. I was busy so I didn’t review the status of my backup. Maybe if I’d have a cron job set up to erase my hard drive I’m sure I would have found the time to get everything sorted out for that deadline.

I recently read that Let’s Encrypt SSL certs expires in 90 days to encourage you to setup a script to automate the certificate renewal process.

Based on that fantastic idea, I’m thinking about writing a cron job to automatically destroy my filesystem every 90 days. That would certainly encourage me to have my precious data correctly backed up.

Think of it as a fire drill. It takes time. It’s an annoyance. But if some day you’re in a fire you will have a much better chance of survival.

Scheduling to erase your hard drive might actually be a little more extreme than a fire drill as it’s not just walking out of a building. You might actually lose data if you didn’t set your backup correctly.

It might also be a good opportunity to finally execute that rm -rf / command that everybody jokes about.